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Pants Build Open Source Community Newsletter - Issue #1

Pants Build Open Source Community Newsletter - Issue #1
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Pants recently got featured in Awesome Python Weekly (Issue 279) and Django News (Issue 97)! Thank you to the Pants fans who recommended the project to them. This month we passed over 10,000 commits to the core project. Thank you, community, for your generous contributions of code, support, and insights. You keep Pants project growing better than ever.

Case Study
Gordon Cassie
Finally had the chance to write up our experience with moving our Django project to @pantsbuild

tldr: build tools are awesome and everyone should use one (and it should probably be Pants!)
Building and testing #Python applications is a jigsaw of virtual environments, pip, pipenv, setuptools or poetry commands.

Learn your way out of this mess with @pantsbuild. Here's a tutorial for you (many thanks to @benjy for reviewing it).
New in Pants 2.7
Looking Ahead
Pants Build
Psssst, don't tell anyone but we're adding JVM and Go support.

Kidding! Tell everyone. We're really excited about how very, VERY soon this is coming. Check out progress: Come tell us your wishlist for Java, Scala, and Go support:
From The Team
Podcasting Pants
From the Community
Stephan Erb
I think I need to revisit my previous reply on the best way to put #python into #docker containers. The award now goes to @pantsbuild ...
Pants Build
"Kudos to the Pants team and especially @stuhood for helping out with by pushing out a quick fix and with all the help that was given with the investigation. This helped to unblock a critical flow we needed to work reliably, many thanks! 🙏"

Happy to! 👍
Pants Build
"Seriously, the level of transparency and communication here gives me immense confidence in Pants as a tool, because I have confidence in the team behind it." [email protected]jriddycuz
Add Your Organization
Jannis Leidel
"For the first time in more than 20 years we have a new leader of the pack: the Python programming language. The long-standing hegemony of Java and C is over."
Trey Hunner (Python trainer)
New blog post: What's great about #Python 3.10?

There's some fun new features, but improved error messages are *the* winning Python 3.10 feature.
T. Wouters
The Python Steering Council posted our current thoughts on type annotations (specifically PEP 563/649, and 'from __future__ import annotations'). I'll post it here to reach non-core devs who care about stringified annotations:
Choosing a repository strategy is not only a technical matter but also about
how people communicate. Multirepos allow teams to manage projects independently but put up comms barriers.

What are the advantages of using #monorepo? Read in our free ebook:
Ilya Sergey
Student commit messages on GItHub Classroom are still my favourite genre of prose.
Pants Build
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The ergonomic, hermetic, and user-friendly software build system for Python, Java, Go, Shell, and Scala. Pants lets you fearlessly scale up your codebase.

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