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Pants Build Open Source Community Newsletter - Issue #3
By Pantsbuild Team • Issue #3 • View online
2021 was a great year for the Pants project, thanks in no small part to your participation in the community. Thank you! To keep that momentum going, we’d like to kick off what is looking like an annual survey to help build Pants’ roadmap. Like last year, we’ll be kicking off two phases of surveying over the course of ~10 days where we:
  1. Gather all of the potential projects and ideas from the community
  2. Vote to help to prioritize the gathered ideas
Whether you are a past, present, or future Pants user, we’d love if you could take a minute to submit an idea or two for what the project needs most: Submit an idea!
Please submit as many ideas as you’d like! In about one week, we’ll triage the submissions, create Github issues for any that don’t have them, and kick off a second survey that will allow everyone to vote on how to prioritize all of the ideas from the first round.
Thanks in advance! We look forward to diving in to build what will help you to build!

Pants in the news
Open-Source Build - Benjy Weinberger, Toolchain Labs - Digital Anarchist
Updating Pants BUILD files programmatically
Language support
New: JVM example repo
"Much more ergonomic, less boilerplate, faster test times, and less developer confusion."
"Amazing, almost every time I think I need something, you guys have just merged it or about to" —@_alonsodomin_
📣 Welcome to the team our newest Contributor, Joshua Cannon
📣 Congratulations to our newest Maintainer, Carina C. Zona
Pants empowers companies to scale codebases faster, collaborate more effectively across teams, and keep the focus centered on developers’ joy and productive. Here’s some opportunities to check out:
Are you hiring too? You’re invited to announce opportunities on the Pants community Slack. Job postings are welcome in #general or #random.
Show off your impeccable taste in build systems
...and us geeking out over @LegoEngineering
We ❤️ build engineering, open source, and Scala, so <swoon>.…
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Pantsbuild Team

The ergonomic, hermetic, and user-friendly software build system for Python, Java, Go, Shell, and Scala. Pants lets you fearlessly scale up your codebase.

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