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Pantsbuild Open Source Community Newsletter - Issue #4

Pantsbuild Open Source Community Newsletter - Issue #4
By Pantsbuild Team • Issue #4 • View online
Pants 2 now supports Python, Go, Java, Scala, and Shell. We’re constantly adding more features and languages. 100 releases in the past year to the core project alone. Pants 2 was built from the ground up for you. We maintain enthusiastic commitment to soliciting and prioritizing community-contributed ideas, insights, writing, PRs. Come say hi on Slack. Our users rave about the warm community, thorough tech support, and comprehensive docs. Welcome!

You can call us Pantsbuild (or Pants, whichever you prefer)
We've rewritten the "Welcome to Pants" page
Meet our newest Maintainer: Joshua Cannon
Pants in the news
A brief intro to the Pants build system | InfoWorld
Developing Your First Pants Plugin
Packaging Python with the PyOxidizer Pants Plugin
Choosing a Python interpreter for a Pants project
pants-jupyter-plugin 0.0.5
We very pleased to announce that Suresh "SJ" Joshi has been recognized as a Pants Contributor.
It's our pleasure to announce Rhys Madigan has joined the official ranks of Pants project, as a Contributor
We're never gonna give it up.
What's ahead
Add plugin support for building PyOxidizer apps by sureshjoshi · Pull Request #14183 · pantsbuild/pants
Pants empowers companies to scale codebases faster, collaborate more effectively across teams, and keep the focus centered on developers’ joy and productive. Here are some opportunities to check out:
  • IBM is seeking a Build Systems Engineer for the Watson Orders group. You’ll help own, manage, and develop the common runtime and build tooling for the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software. Including the core build tooling for the Python monorepo, which is currently undergoing migration from Bazel to Pants. Bonus: get to work with Pants Maintainer Joshua Cannon!
  • Orca Security is seeking a Tech Lead - Developer Productivity in Tel Aviv who is passionate about the development lifecycle and the developer experience.
  • Interested in enhancing developer productivity with simple yet impactful work? Love to build frameworks and tools for smart engineers? Join the infrastructure team at Rippling in India, US, Canada or remote.
  • Nike is hiring software engineers. Search at for latest engineering openings.
Are you hiring too? You’re invited to announce opportunities on the Pants community Slack. Job postings are welcome in #general or #random.
Show off your impeccable taste in build systems
Quick Tip
JUnit XML results files support
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Pantsbuild Team

The ergonomic, hermetic, and user-friendly software build system for Python, Java, Go, Shell, and Scala. Pants lets you fearlessly scale up your codebase.

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